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Welcome To Third Eye Chemicals

ThirdEye Chemicals is a proprietory outfit started by Mr. N.Subbiah, who has four decades of hands-on experience in chemical industry. After successfully running leather chemicals business and later high performance pigments for export, he has in the last 9 -10 years been fully involved in manufacture of active pharmaceutical and nutraceutical intermediates. He has manufactured high quality Orotic Acid in India for the first time.

Our Products

Orotic Acid

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Calcium Orotate

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Magnesium Orotate

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Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

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About Us

ThirdEye Chemicals has been promoted by Mr.N.Subbiah, He is a B.Tech. (Mech) from IIT Madras. He has four decades of hands on experience in chemical industry. He produced Orotic Acid for the first time in India.

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Address: No.7 Jawahar Road, Peria Chokkikulam, Madurai - 625002,

Mobile: +91 94449 53914

Email: info@thirdeyechemicals.com