TEC - Life TM Best Calcium Supplement

» The first product in TEC-LIFE TM series is CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM OROTATE POWDER. It is best solution for Calcium Deficiency. Moreover, Calcium Supplement Powder will be good for your bone health and bone strength. It is a unique and clever combination of calcium and magnesium orotates along with methyl sulphonyl methane all acting in harmony to promote calcium absorption, muscle strength and alleviation of joint pains.

» Not all the calcium in the diet can be readily absorbed from the gut. The calcium that is most readily absorbed is found in dairy product and eggs, as well as in tinned fish products. The calcium contained in vegetable matter is often complexed with phytates, oxalates, citrate and other organic acids, such as the long-chained fatty acids (e.g. palmitic acid), with which calcium binds to form insoluble calcium soaps. TEC-LIFE TM Calcium Orotate directly crosses the cell membrane into the cell.

» TEC-LIFE TM is recommended for menopausal women. Two months of TEC-Life TM therapy in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis can significantly increase serum calcium levels and reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis with no side effects. Post menopausal women can consume TEC-Life TM as a preventive even if they do not have any symptoms of osteoporosis

» TEC-LIFE TM is recommended for post orthopedic surgery and bone fracture in convalescence.

» TEC-LIFE TM is recommended in osteoarthritis and for general preventive healthcare

» Bones serve as a calcium bank for the body. When calcium is required elsewhere the bones get depleted. The calcium supplements available in the market are mainly calcium carbonate. Taking calcium carbonate is just like eating blackboard chalk. Calcium is totally rejected. Even calcium citrate and others are only partly absorbed. TEC-LIFETM Calcium Orotate offers calcium that is absorbed more than 96% . Moreover TEC-LIFE TM comes with added magnesium orotate that keeps the level of calcitriol and vitamin D3 generation to monitor the calcium absorption. This whole mechanism is a fantastic homeostasis of nature. TEC-LIFE TM helps nature in this beautiful functioning. Magnesium orotate has its own independent benefits of cardiac and other muscle building functions.

» Methyl sulphonyl methane in TEC-LIFE relieves joint pain. It counters Sulphur deficiency. The orchestra is complete with is constituent.

» Suggested Use: Eat one spoonful twice a day. Spoon is Provided inside. Make a heap on the spoon. With powder in the mouth, drink a little water or milk.

» Important: If you are pregnant, a lactating mother or very sick please consult physician before use. Keep away from children.

» High Absorbance: TEC - Life TM calcium orotate is easily absorbed into the cells. Its absorption is much higher than the calcium carbonate in milk, other supplements etc., It compensates the calcium depletion from the bones thus protecting humans from osteoporosis. Magnesium helps in the calbirating the calcium released so that a delicate balance is maintained. MSM alleviates joint pain.

» Supplement Facts: One heaped spoon is one gram. Contains: 610 mg calcium orotate and 305 mg magnesium orotate, 80mg Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, an ideal combination - Magnesium helps in uptake of calcuim. May contain natural flavor.

» Storage: Keep in a dry place under roof at normal room temprature

» Manufactured for and packed by: ThirdEye Chemicals, Chokkikulam, Madurai 625002, India